Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter 20

I realize I didn't say this before, but I plan to post the new chapters of Noemi's Dragon every Monday.  Only five chapters left after this one!   I hope you enjoy the rest 🙂 Disclaimer: Today's typos brought to you by the cold, refreshing lemonade...that I spilled on my laptop's keyboard 😦 Find previous chapters … Continue reading Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter 20

Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Seventeen

Sorry for the long wait!  Thanks for being patient with me 🙂 You can find previous chapters here.   For a moment, Garrin was too astonished to move.  That didn’t happen to him often.  Actually, that had never happened to him.  But crawling out of a black cave into a world aglow with color—that was … Continue reading Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Seventeen

Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Sixteen

Find previous chapters here. Two days.  Her birthday was in two days. Little was left of this day.  As Noemi trudged after Garrin, the low sun shone through the trees ahead of them.  She had to squint to make out the space in front of her through the glare. Little was left of today.  Tomorrow, … Continue reading Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Sixteen

Ode to the Color Yellow

Yellow is the best color. It's butter on popcorn At a movie theater. It's a sunflower lifted toward the sky, A VW Bug stuffed with friends, Hip-high rods of cement and steel That tell you it's safe to walk here. It's a glass of lemonade On a hot summer day, The star atop a Christmas … Continue reading Ode to the Color Yellow