Phoenix Fiction Writers

At last, the news you've long awaited: Revealing the super secret project I've been mentioning for months. *drumroll please* Now announcing Phoenix Fiction Writers, an indie author marketing collective. What in the world does that mean? I'm glad you asked. This year, I've been extraordinarily blessed by discovering the most supportive, fantastic community of writers … Continue reading Phoenix Fiction Writers

Image Bearers of God, Part 2

Today's blog is a continuation of yesterday's post, the second and final part. See the previous post for background. When I ended yesterday, we had established that we, Christians, are part of God's redemptive work in creation as we follow Jesus' example. This is how we do that in terms of our relationships with people: … Continue reading Image Bearers of God, Part 2

Image-Bearers of God

This post is inspired by a couple of my current classes and a conversation with my wonderful sister. I decided to do a split post for this; the first half you have here today; look for the second half tomorrow. The issue is the way people are treated by other people, and the way human … Continue reading Image-Bearers of God