The Lake of Living Water

Happy Monday!  As a teacher and writer, I'm thrilled for it to be summer.  I'm still teaching part-time, but fewer hours means I'm fully in get-Child-of-the-Kaites-ready-for-release mode.  I always feel the need to qualify statements about the future, as I have no idea what the next minute even holds, but as of now Child of the … Continue reading The Lake of Living Water

To the Stories, From an Unwise Admirer

A bird lands On a friendly perch To recover from flying Over endless miles, And spreads its wings once more To blithely wander on-- But the perch turns out to be Inside a metal cage With a one-way door. Incarcerated. . A new little vine With branches too weak Climbs up a strong tree With … Continue reading To the Stories, From an Unwise Admirer