Moon Keeper

Moon Keeper | Beth Wangler

Inspiration can come when you least expect it.  Today, I bring you a poem inspired by Ashley Hansen's Twitter post: It's a pretty fun idea, right?  I couldn't get it out of my head, and to keep my sanity, those kinds of persistent story ideas usually come out in poems.  (That way I can use … Continue reading Moon Keeper

“Shake the Dust”

In the absence of a Child of the Kaites chapter this week, I'd like to share with you a Spoken Word that I've used with my students this week.  Hopefully it can inspire you 🙂


Come, the gentle swaying trees, The fresh, cool breeze, The foaming seas, The buzzing, busy, happy bees. . Come, the rainbow in the sky, The mountain high, The home-made pie, The song-bird singing as it flies. . Come, the calm, patt'ring showers, The old towers, The fresh flowers, The joyous solitude hours. . Come, the … Continue reading Inspiration