All my cravingsare hollow echoesof my need for You Lord God,my Savior,my Life.

Victory Came Through Defeat: Palm Sunday Sonnet

If you've been around a year or more, you probably know that Palm Sunday is one of my favorite holidays.  I've written this post in previous years, and this one, too. I couldn't pass up another opportunity to share my love of this day with you all, even though this post comes a day late, so I … Continue reading Victory Came Through Defeat: Palm Sunday Sonnet

Contemplations of the End

In my heart of hearts, I want to live each moment so that, whenever my end comes, I can face this final defeat as my greatest victory, the triumph of crossing the finish line of a race run well, to reach Your arms, see Your face, and hear You say, "Well done."


O! The marvelous mystery! I in You, and You in me. Love stronger than kin, Bound closer than skin, We are inseparable.   (Romans 8:31-39)

Fig Leaf

Wrestling in the dark with unbelief, Hiding from your eyes my sins so base. I was born clutching a fig leaf, A broken image alive in disgrace. In a world of sinners I am the chief. Your halls of light I would only efface With my unclean presence, however brief. You call to me, and … Continue reading Fig Leaf

A Few Short Years: A Christmas Villanelle 

Your heart's set on a few short years  With gifts to buy and family to call  What happens when the Son appears? On an average night to angels' cheers God wrapped Himself in child's flesh in a dirty stall  Your heart's set on a few short years Chasing the best, perfect careers Someday your name … Continue reading A Few Short Years: A Christmas Villanelle 

What is Faith?

Is faith a lofty pragmatism a one-time-buy insurance policy a spoiled child an "I asked once don't make me ask again" Or is faith an ocean tide an interminably persistent sibling a ceaseless alarm an "I know you hear and you better believe I'm not going away?"   Yesterday I spent six hours talking about prayer … Continue reading What is Faith?

Give Me You

Give Me You Give me not knowledge, nor wisdom, nor cunning; Give me only knowledge of You, wisdom to seek You. Give me not riches, nor costly clothes, nor flawless features; Give me only the wealth of Your worth, clothe me in Your righteousness. Give me not a mansion of forty rooms, nor an expensive … Continue reading Give Me You

Post-College Life and Free Fall

My question of the day is: Who is it that spreads this rumor that when you grow up, you'll know what you're supposed to be doing with your life? I'm starting to think whoever they are, they're really, really wrong. When you're young, everyone says, "Graduate high school, go to college, get your degree, and … Continue reading Post-College Life and Free Fall

The Story of a Bride

The light shone out of emptiness, The void turned into space; From dirt and sea sprung life And the stars up in heaven sang. The Father loves His Son And wanted to give Him a Bride. The youth of love was marred too soon. Paradise was shattered. There's a garden with an angel Standing guard … Continue reading The Story of a Bride