Saul, David, and Faith

The story of Israel's first two kings is interesting.  In an act of rejecting the Lord's total control over them, Israel asked for a king.  God gave them exactly what they wanted: Saul, the "kingliest" king possible, a go-getter, a an of action. When the Ammonites threatened the city of Jerush Gilead, Saul went to … Continue reading Saul, David, and Faith


Here is a new poem:     Lord, strip away every distraction, Wipe away the haze. Turn my eyes fully on You To rest with unwavering gaze. Strengthen my faith to know no doubt As I walk with you all of my days. From every tongue in every time May there arise a song of … Continue reading Focus

The Epilogue to the Previous

Let me tell you a story. Last Thursday, I had a very bad day at school.  You can read about it in my previous post, “Hope and Despair: Reflections of a [Hopeful] Future Teacher.” Basically, that had a huge impact on my next week.  Although I said I would not, I kept being greatly concerned … Continue reading The Epilogue to the Previous

Thunder and Silence

The Lord sits enthroned in heaven; from His throne, His voice thunders. At His command, the earth trembles; at His word, the mountains shake. The waves crash and the wind shrieks. The rocks cry out at midday, and all creation declares the glory of the Lord. But as for me, I will be still. I … Continue reading Thunder and Silence