Finding God in Stories

I know I have talked about this many times before, but I have for a long time now--perhaps all of my life--struggled with an addiction to stories.  I know, it sounds silly.  But in all honesty, stories are my drug of choice.  Just as alcoholics drown themselves in alcohol, I always seem to end up … Continue reading Finding God in Stories


Who am I? This question begins to haunt us in about junior high, and continues to plague us for a while after that.  The answers--or lack thereof--determine what path we follow after high school, what we do with our time, who we associate with.  In a large part, our answers to this question become more … Continue reading Identity

Rain Renaissance

This poem is about those times when you drift away from God and, by the time you realize it, you feel like there's no way you can get back to Him.  Then He comes and brings you back without you having to do it all yourself.  Or, it's kind of about those times you lose … Continue reading Rain Renaissance