Roman Triumphs and Palm Sunday

On this Palm Sunday, I wanted to share with you why this has become one of my very favorite holidays: In ancient Rome, "Triumph" was a very significant word.  It meant far more than "the act, fact, or condition of being victorious" ( definition of "triumph").  A Triumph was an extravagant, joyous parade through the capital city to the temple of Jupiter … Continue reading Roman Triumphs and Palm Sunday

Ancient Rome and Citizenship in Heaven

I love the Romans. Last year, I took a class about the Roman Republic and absolutely fell in love with them.  I could read or talk about them for hours.  They fascinate me.  I even wrote a sonnet from the point of view of a foot soldier during the First Punic War.  For my senior … Continue reading Ancient Rome and Citizenship in Heaven

Sonnet of a Roman Republican

I'm a history major--I think I've mentioned that before.  As I approach the end of my schooling, all the history stuff I've learned over the past years is finally bubbling to the surface and becoming an integral part of my thinking.  It's so exciting!! So, here's a history lesson and a poem 🙂 In class … Continue reading Sonnet of a Roman Republican

Why Am I So Random?

I've been wanting for weeks now to write a regular prose post like I used to.  The problem is, I just have so many thoughts scattered about in my brain right now, and I can never settle on one specific topic or themes.  Instead, I decided to share with you eight of my thoughts that … Continue reading Why Am I So Random?