The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 18

Find previous chapters here. Their footsteps were loud in the quiet, dead forest, snapping twigs underfoot like thunder to Bill’s ears. “We need to change tactics,” the peasant Steven declared. “Why?” he grunted, pulling himself up over a rotting log blocking their path.  “We’re trying to follow the path we think we would have taken.  … Continue reading The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 18

The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 10

Find previous chapters here. _______________________________________             Three days later, Will could barely believe they were still alive.  The king’s wish for the Fern’s blessing must have come true.  He lay on sticky, moist ground, exhausted and panting from having just escaped a pitfall that he and Annette had accidentally found.  Despite facing a troll, four … Continue reading The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 10

The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 9

Find previous chapters here. __________________________________             “You must be mistaken,” Annette stated. The sage just smiled.  “No, I am definitely not.  It’s as clear as crystals, plain for all to see.  Why, look at your faces.  You have the same eyes, same nose, same cheekbones.” But if it were true—he was a prince.  She started … Continue reading The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 9

The Innocence of Youth

Ah, to return to the innocence of youth! We were happy then, my sister and I, we were princesses in shiny-sequin skirts.  Our feet swam in our aunt’s old fuchsia heels, back in the innocence of youth. We had a tea party, my little sister and I, with lemonade and goldfish. She was the guest, … Continue reading The Innocence of Youth

Lady Elizabeth, Chapter 6

See here for the previous chapters of Lady Elizabeth. ______________________________________ “We do not have to do this, if you wish,” Elizabeth said, standing before the horse with wide eyes.  With great force of will, she swallowed and took regular breaths. “Nonsense.  Of course I shall teach you, if you still desire to learn,” he said, giving … Continue reading Lady Elizabeth, Chapter 6