Story Time with Beth: The Weavers’ Blessing, Chapters 1-2

Travels in Japan

As mentioned previously, April was a busy month for me.  Part of that included a trip to Japan. This trip was my: second time out of the country second time off the continent first time flying alone first time to Asia first time in a place where I couldn't communicate well with others It was … Continue reading Travels in Japan

Child of the Kaites: Chapter 35

In case you're wondering if you're in the right place: Yes, this is still my blog. It just has a new layout! What do you think? Snazzy? Ghastly? Shocking? Glorious? Another adjective starting with S or G? Let me know in the comments! To go along with the new layout, I'm also introducing new chapter … Continue reading Child of the Kaites: Chapter 35

Surprise Treat: Character Interview

Remember that time when E.B. Dawson interviewed me for her blog?  As amazing as it was, it was only the beginning of our friendship.  Since then, I've gotten to know Beth more (yes, we've bonded over sharing the same name), and let me tell you: She's incredible! Furthermore, and probably of more interest to you, … Continue reading Surprise Treat: Character Interview

Prologue to Something

Prologue to Something | Beth Wangler

As the school year is winding to a close, I am so thankful for your patience with me, particularly with posting Child of the Kaites.  My long-term subbing job for the past couple months has been deeply challenging.  I have definitely needed the extra time to devote to teaching instead of to editing/posting. Today is not … Continue reading Prologue to Something

The Lay of Brielle and Tavish: Part 1

Greetings, friends!  You've read me mention the fantasy series that I am writing.  It explores the history of the world of Orrock through novels highlighting the lives of young people at turning points in history.  Mostly, it focuses on the nation of Maraiah.  The other nations have interesting histories, too, though. One of those nations … Continue reading The Lay of Brielle and Tavish: Part 1

Finding God in Stories

I know I have talked about this many times before, but I have for a long time now--perhaps all of my life--struggled with an addiction to stories.  I know, it sounds silly.  But in all honesty, stories are my drug of choice.  Just as alcoholics drown themselves in alcohol, I always seem to end up … Continue reading Finding God in Stories

An Update

Hello, lovely readers!  I have been rather quiet recently, for which I apologize.  The reason for this is that my summer became uncharacteristically but wonderfully full.  So here is a brief update on some of the things that have been going on: 1) I became involved in the youth group at my new church and … Continue reading An Update

To the Stories, From an Unwise Admirer

A bird lands On a friendly perch To recover from flying Over endless miles, And spreads its wings once more To blithely wander on-- But the perch turns out to be Inside a metal cage With a one-way door. Incarcerated. . A new little vine With branches too weak Climbs up a strong tree With … Continue reading To the Stories, From an Unwise Admirer

In Need of Advice

Dear readers,   I find myself in a new situation--not that that occurs so infrequently; new situations happen all the time. The difference is that in this situation, you can help me!  I am considering submitting a story to my school's Creative Arts Journal.  As I have never submitted a story to a school journal--or … Continue reading In Need of Advice