The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 17

Find previous chapters here. “It’s all your fault,” Louise Kangraff’s repellent tones grated on his ears. “No, it’s yours.  If we’d followed my plans, we wouldn’t be in this mess,” Maxwell’s slimy voice whined back. He sighed deeply and rubbed his bald temple.  This is why he never had had children.  Their incessant whining had … Continue reading The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 17

Lady Elizabeth, Chapter 4

The fourth chapter to the story of Lady Elizabeth.  You can find the preceding chapters in the page marked "Lady Elizabeth" at the top of this page. Please let me know your thoughts.  Do you like the characters?  What are your impressions of them?  Do you have predictions for the rest of the story?  Any critiques … Continue reading Lady Elizabeth, Chapter 4