For the Perfectionists

You're worth more than the sum _______of your parts. Your value's established _______and firm. You're not _______a grade _______a job _______a diagnosis _______a gender _______a name _______a choice _______a failure _______a success-- You. are. you. There are no other yous in this _______whole wide world, nor have there ever been. You are invaluable _______precious _______dear. … Continue reading For the Perfectionists

Helen’s Scale

Helen's Scale: A poem about what matters most in life, inspired by a picture.

Never Forsaken

Change has never been easy for me, and still isn't.  When something big changes, I become a tumultuous emotional wreck, and react in extremes.  Recently, that means vacillating between "my life is meaningless and I'll never do anything worthwhile" and "I'm going to drop everything and travel everywhere and move to the farthest away place I … Continue reading Never Forsaken