“Follow Me,” I hear Him say, “and choose the troubled life.

You’ll have no place to call your home, no people, and no wealth;

Wherever you go, I promise you, your acquaintance will be rife

With those who hate, despise you, and even plot your death.

You’ll have no pride, no self-esteem, for truly will you see

The wicked wretch you are inside, far far from where you should be.”


Then, “Follow Me,” I hear again the call to leave my life,

“To live in peace and safe’ and rest, restored to Me again.

Family you’ll have, forevermore, united as My wife,

And with perspective will you view this mortal, passing pain.

For in Me all is like a pearl: As chafing sand does it begin,

Till slow-coated in light, a prize at last it ends.”


And, “Follow Me”–my heart does stir to up and join my King.

“Adventurous deeds of great import have I fore-planned for you,

So all you meet will clearly see the life I freely bring.

My child, come and sit with Me, beloved one I foreknew–

Here you are safe: Though with all strength the enemy attacks,

I, your King, won victory.  Evil’s power is done.”

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