This year, I participate in Dressember for the very first time.

Born five years ago, Dressember, a challenge to wear a dress every day for the month of December, has been from the start a celebration of femininity and freedom.  This year, Dressember aligned with International Justice Mission to raise money for their work to end slavery and aid in the rescue and recovery of victims of human trafficking.  To date, Dressember participants have globally raised over $150K for IJM.

It has been fun, it has been challenging, it has been sometimes difficult to wear a dress every day and even harder to have my picture taken daily, but it has been an experience I do not regret and may (perhaps) repeat.  Thank you for your support, and if you would like to donate to IJM, the Dressember campaign is open until January 3rd–you can contribute here:

Day 26:

Dressember 26 (Th)

Day 27:

Dressember 27 (F)

Day 28:

Dressember 28 (Sa)

Day 29:

Dressember 29 (Su)

Day 30:
(Forgot a picture today, but I did wear a dress!)

Day 31:

Dressember 31

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