Antiheroes Anthology Update

Hello, lovely people! This is going to be a short post, because it’s NaNoWriMo and trying to reach 50,000 words this month has me like:


But I HAD to share with you about what’s coming, because I’m thrilled that it’s finally time for the Phoenix Fiction Antiheroes Anthology to come out!

The 7 Phoenix Fiction authors who have contributed short stories for this anthology are: E.B. Dawson, Kyle Robert Shultz, J.E. Purrazzi, Hannah Heath, K.L. + Pierce, Nate Philbrick, and me :) We have worked so hard on these stories, and we’re beyond excited to share this with you.

Antiheroes comes out on November 17th, but it’s available for preorder in ebook format now. It will also be in paperback, though that can’t be ordered until release day. (This ebook-shunning, paperback-loving woman is very eager to hold this beautiful book in her hands.)

On release weekend, we’ll be having two livestreams.  Join me, Hannah Heath, and J.E. Purrazzi on Friday night at 6 pm PST.  We’ll be on PFW’s Facebook page. Come by to say hi and ask us all your questions about the anthology! Then Saturday morning, many of the other PFWs will be livestreaming on our Youtube page starting at 9 am PST.

These short stories are about:

-A man determined to get justice for his family, no matter the cost
-A gynoid with two conflicting programming directives
-A teenage boy determined to protect the people who have become his friends
-A monster slayer who is not everything she appears to be
-A young cyborg who makes an unthinkable choice in hopes of a better future
-A mischievous shopkeeper trying to stay one step ahead of trouble
-A blood hunter who discovers a lie that will change the course of her life

And…I think that’s it! Next Monday, I’ll be featuring one of the short stories from the anthology on this blog, so keep your eyes open :)

Happy Monday! May your weeks be full of joy–and please send encouragements and pictures of cute animals to help me meet my word counts. <3

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