Cover Reveal: Steward Stories

It is with great joy that I write this post. This is almost two years in the making now—which feels like a long time, but also is so much shorter than the six+ years Child of the Kaites was in the making.

Today you get to see the cover for Steward Stories and learn its release date.

What is there in life, if not an endless wrestling against an unconquerable foe?

Lewka, “Jennoevre the Glowing”

Freedom doesn’t bring the peace the nation of Maraiah hoped for.

Giants, soldiers, and nomads fill the promised homeland—and they’ll do anything to hold onto power.

Thrown into an unfamiliar landscape and constant danger, Maraiah struggles to maintain her identity.

It’s a time of faith. Aia raises up Stewards to stand between His people and death. He works great miracles through them, reshaping the very ground of the promised land.

It’s a time of disappointment. Home looks nothing like Maraiah had dreamed. Generations drag on, and still violence, confusion, and doubt abound.

Will a Steward ever truly establish peace?

These seven short stories take place between Child of the Kaites and The Steward’s Apprentice, providing snapshots of key figures whose struggles with pride, trust, courage, and identity shape Maraiah’s future.

Now, brace yourselves:


You can look forward to reading Steward Stories starting July 25th, 2020—just two months away!

Preorder from Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and more via this link:

Go tell your friends, your family, your postal worker, your neighbors—from a socially safe distance, of course.

Which story from this compilation are you most excited for? Find out more about each of them on the Steward Stories page and let me know in the comments!

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