December Featured Author: ALL THE PFWs!

The Phoenix Fiction Writers are a year old! We’re crazy thankful for you, our wonderful readers and friends, who have made this year incredible. Because of that, we PFWs are having our first annual sale!

I know you may be unfamiliar with some or all of the Phoenix Fiction Writers, so here’s a helpful list of who they are and why you might like their writing. If you just want to jump right to the sale, visit PFW’s website for all the discounted books.

E.B. Dawson is the dauntless Editor in Chief of PFW. You’ll love her if you love:
• Unique, relatable, lovable characters
• Philosophical questions explored through characters’ beliefs and actions
• All the emotions
• But you’ll still put the book down feeling more whole
• Fascinating mix of sci-fi and fantasy
• Stories that suck you into vastly different worlds
• Robot dog pets
• Gorgeous settings
• Strong, flawed, vulnerable female characters

Hannah Heath is PFW’s multimedia manager.
• awesome fantasy inspired by so many non-European cultures—and it’s awesome!
• vibrant setting
• cool desert elf culture
• world building skillfully woven in
• characters with dyslexia, depression, physical differences, and more (just like real people)
• characters with relatable questions and issues
• beautiful themes
• a connected story universe

Nate Philbrick is Phoenix Fiction’s social media manager.
• forests
• whimsy
• cute and crazy creatures
• truffles
• adventure
• innocent romances
• friendship
• creative, dangerous plants
• there-and-back-again adventures that change the main character

Janelle Garrett is a PFW member.
• diverse ensemble casts
• multiple points of view done REALLY well
• flawed characters struggling to do right
• awesome fantasy cultures and landscapes
• a beautiful Christ figure
• apparently unicorns??? 🦄😍 Go read her books!

K. L. + Pierce is the website manager for PFW.
• Sci-fi that’s more science
• siblings
• sibling conflict
• multi-purpose watches that are super handy
• antiheroes
• good vs evil (with some gray area)
• Christian sci-fi

J. E. Purrazzi is PFW’s acquisitions editor.
• Biopunk/cyberpunk
• Gritty stories
• finding hope by engaging the pain and darkness in our world
• cinnamon roll characters
• antiheroes
• ghost stories
• dystopias
• three main characters who are REALLY well written

Kyle Robert Shultz is a PFW member.
• Fairy tale retellings (that reinvent familiar tales into something extraordinary)
• Steampunk
• Detectives + magic + monsters
• Stories that will make you laugh
• plot twists
• magic
• timey-whimey shenanigans
• quips and quotable moments

And last but not least:

My own stories :) I’m PFW’s Book Launch Coordinator.
• original fairy tales with a classic feel
• a fresh, fantasy take on Biblical/historical stories
• struggle, courage, and hope
• language that has been described as elegant, charming, and effortless
• ordinary characters called on to accomplish extraordinary things
• lots of emotions (for you)
• stories that make you look differently at the world and at yourself

So there you have it! Eight excellent Science Fiction and Fantasy authors, all with books on sale through the 29th. Find them all on PFW’s website. Merry Christmas, happy New Year, joyful whatever other holiday you celebrate, and pleasant reading!

Have you read some of the Phoenix Fiction Writers’ stories before? Are you excited to take advantage of this epic sale? Let me know in the comments!

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