Merry [belated] Christmas!! I hope your day was full of love and cheer.

As of today, Dressember has raised over $950,000!!!  That’s $25,000 more than last year.  Here’s proof of my continued participation:

As we celebrate the birth of He who came to set prisoners free, please consider donating to Dressember to help free those who are being held in slavery today.  You can donate here.

Also, to amuse you, here is a little story I wrote with my sister’s boyfriend yesterday.  It was written in a teenie tiny notebook from a Christmas cracker, with the beautiful fountain pen given to me by my awesome sister.  The story is loosely based on the story behind why “defenestration” is my favorite word, holiday-themed, and containing at least two Hamilton references.  No gingerbread men were harmed in the making of this–except the ones we ate :)

The Art of Defenestration


Once upon a time, in the jolly old Holy Roman Empire, there was a prince duck named Burt.  Burt sided with the peasants, but Ernie the emperor sided with the Catholic Church.  Ernie the gingerbread emperor was also raising taxes on cheese.

The peasants didn’t like that, because they could no longer afford Christmas dinner.  Instead, they pooled their resources and began constructing a window high on a wall.

Burt, a very dashing duck prince, concocted a plot to get the peasants their religious freedom and Christmas cheese.  Burt invited Ernie to a delightful dinner of pizza so they could discuss their issues.  Burt told the peasants, “Decisions are happening over dinner,” and the peasants wanted to be in the room where it happened.

Burt had high hopes for reconciliation, but readied himself to take action if peace could not be reached.

The dinner began, and the more they talked, the more intransigent Ernie became.  During dessert, Ernie stood and said, “I refuse to change my mind.  You’re all excommunicated–and there’s no cheese in hell.”

Full of righteous fury, the peasants seized emperor Ernie and threw him out the window.  The moral of this story is: Give the people their cheese, or be prepared to face the verdict of defenestration.

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