I’m a writer.  That usually means that I’m pretty good at putting my thoughts into writing–much better, in fact, at writing what I think than at saying what I think.

It also happens that sometimes, when I feel something very deeply, I have a hard time writing it.  These times always are frustrating, given how readily words usually flow out onto paper.

Recently, because of Dressember and because of other events in the world, I’ve been thinking a lot about reality and the brokenness of the people in the world.  I’ve tried and tried to write something that does my thoughts and feelings justice, but time and again I’ve come up short and been disappointed with the results.  Still, I’d like to share with you something I wrote, the reason I still have hope, the reason I believe things like Dressember can make a difference:

Surrounding me are stories:
The struggle of light and dark,
Two equal forces engaged in a constant
Wrestling match.
Harry versus Voldemort,
Dark versus Light in the Force,
Discrimination versus unity,
Hate versus love,
And always, in their tales,
The dark seems stronger.

But I look at this candle and think
Real life is different.

Darkness isn’t a mighty force
Equal to the light I see.

Darkness can never even touch the light.

Light destroys darkness
By being.

No darkness, however thick,
Can snuff out a tiny spark.

Darkness will never overcome the light.

Light destroys darkness without trying.

Oh, you can create darkness,
But only by turning off the light.

This year, many are asking,
“Who can show us any good?”–

The God who made light shine in the darkness,
Who embodies the life that is
The light of man,
Who is the light of the world,
Loved these people–us–who create
He loved us so much that He gave
An exorbitant,
Perfect gift,
His Son,
His very self,
To die for you and me
To bring us the light
That can’t be broken
By any force of darkness,
If we’ll just receive.

O Lord, let the light of Your face
Shine on us still
In 2017.


A brief, more practical update:

Dressember advocates have now raised over $800K dollars for IJM and A21, to help end human trafficking!  This could fund 126 rescue operations, which save anywhere from 1 to 500 people!  If you’d like to help us impact even more people’s lives, please help me reach my personal goal of $350 by donating here.  Every dollar counts!

The proof that I have, indeed, been wearing dresses:

Side note: For most of these pictures, I was sick.  Day 12, I literally lost my voice.  When I was sick and feeling gross, the last thing I wanted was to have my picture taken.  But I decided this inconvenience was a small price to pay so that other women, men, and children can experience freedom and healing :)

Don’t forget that Child of the Kaites is coming to you January 2nd!  Tell your mom, your dad, your friends, your cousins, your neighbors, your frenemies, your dogs and cats, your baristas and uber drivers :)

Child of the Kaites | Beth Wangler

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