Today I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming of poetry and stories for a life update:

My best friend’s baby was born!!!

I can’t remember if I mentioned that I was co-planning her baby shower.  It ended up being the most epic baby shower of the century (Probably.  I’m not aware of any studies on the subject, but I’m making an educated guess here).  Here are some pictures of it:

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And now, at long last, the baby is born!  Guys, I’m basically an aunt :D :D :D

I’ve always been vaguely to intensely scared of babies.  They’re so tiny, so fragile-looking.  I haven’t had much experience with them.  I mean, when babies are around, everyone always wants to hold them, and everyone always has greater claim to the privilege of holding the child than I did.  So it’s been very easy to slip by with no experience.  Does anyone else feel that way?

Well, I’ve been warming up to small children in general over the past couple years, and had held a couple friends’ new babies.

But let me tell you, I had absolutely no fear when holding this child–we’ll call him C. to protect the innocent.  He is amazing.  He’s so perfect and wonderful and has the cutest button nose, and he made these little baby sounds, and he’d scrunch up his face and look so concerned–and basically, he’s the best thing ever.

I have a theory that the perceived cuteness of a baby is directly proportional to the amount of affection the viewer has for its parents.  I would say that, once again, baby C. supports my theory–but I’m pretty sure it’s objectively true that he’s the cutest baby ever born.

Thank you for listening to my proud aunt speech.  The standard programming will return next week.

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