Before yesterday, I had no idea this award existed.  Then annamarievs honored me with a nomination and really knocked my socks off, so to speak–so thank you!  I am so humbled by this, because I frequently get very insecure about my writing and wonder if anyone reads what I write, other than my wonderful followers.  So this is a huge honor and blessing for me.

The rules of the award are as follows:

  • I must provide a link and give thanks to the blogger who nominated me
  • I must answer 10 questions
  • I must nominate 10 other blogs that I enjoy reading
  • I must provide links to said blogs and inform the authors that I am nominating them
  • I must include the award logo in my post

For this award, I nominate:

1) Serial Outlet

2) Onethousandsingledays

3) 1000hourstobe

4) Kayla Roses

5) Miss who

6) A year of reading the world

7) Gabriellaswerling

8) Simple Pleasures

9) The High Heel Gourmet

10) The Morning Mug

Now, to answer the ten questions:

1) Your favorite color? My favorite color is DEFINITELY blue, although I do love green and pretty pale yellow, also.

2) Your favorite animal? When I was little, I was obsessed with dolphins.  Seriously, my room was covered with them.  Now, I’m not really sure, but I suppose it would have to be either raccoons or, more probably, my dog, who is without a doubt the cutest, sweetest old puppy dog in the world.

3) Your favorite drink?  Probably water, but I also love hot mint tea, hot apple cider, and A&W Root Beer.

4) Facebook or Twitter? Definitely Facebook.  As time passes by and our lives’ paths move us further apart, I love being able to keep in touch with the people I love.

5) Your favorite pattern? Not exactly sure what this refers to, so I’ll define it myself: My favorite pattern is the Puff stitch for crochet.  It’s so fun to make!!

6) Do you prefer getting or giving presents? I really prefer giving.  The excitement of figuring out the perfect thing for someone is like nothing else, and most of the time I hand-make presents, so that accentuates the anticipation of seeing their face when they open it and love it.  Perhaps this speaks to a deep desire to make people happy, though, which is not always a good thing…

7) Your favorite number? Seven.  Always.

8) Favorite day of the week?  Traditionally, it has been Wednesday, because I had youth group to look forward to at night and because it meant the school week was half-way over.  Now, though, I would have to say Thursday, because I have all three of my classes–Christian History Since the Reformation, Creative Writing, and The Roman Republic–on Thursdays, and these classes are so amazing that I wake up in the morning entirely excited to go to school.

9) Favorite flower? Hmm, this is a tough one, but I would say pansies, because their color combinations are so unusual and beautiful and delicate.  They’re like little poems growing out of the ground.

10) What is your passion? My number one passion is God.  He is everything.  He made me and saved me and heals me and loves me, and everything good I have comes from Him.  Halleluiah!  After Him, my passions are for writing, and for loving people.

There you have it, folks.  Again, thank you for the huge honor of this award.  Have a blessed day!

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