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Dear readers,

I have happy news!!  I’m starting a new job as a long-term substitute teacher.  You may know that I’ve been a day-to-day substitute this year (and, if you’re interested, you can read some about that adventure over on my teacher blog).  This has been a challenging, alternately rewarding and tear-inducing, experience, and while I’m thankful for how I’ve grown through it, I am thrilled to get to spend the rest of the year getting to know the same students and have more practice planning lessons.

Thus far, I’ve been posting Child of the Kaites chapters every Monday.  In light of the time I’m needing to invest into figuring everything out with this new job, and in light of the greater demands on my time that it will involve, I regret to make this announcement: For the rest of the school year, I’m going down to posting new chapters every other week.  This means that there will be no new post for you tomorrow, but, with hope, there will be on May 1st.

Thank you for your support with this project.  I’m thrilled to share Child of the Kaites with you, and look forward to continuing to do so.  I appreciate your likes and comments, and am sorry to have to keep you waiting.

Best regards,


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