Second Annual PFW Sale

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all (even my non-American friends) get to spend time with loved ones and eat yummy things this week.

Thanksgiving week means it’s also time for the Phoenix Fiction Writers’ second annual sale! I am so thankful for all of you, and this year has been an incredible year of meeting and getting to better know you fellow readers and authors. I can’t believe I get to live this life-long dream and share my stories with you.

I know all the other PFWs are equally thankful for y’all. To express our gratitude, we all lower the prices of our books annually to bless your physical and virtual bookshelves with more affordable stories.

The details:

  • The sale lasts from November 29th through December 2nd (in other words, Black Friday through Cyber Monday)
  • More than 50 ebooks are on sale
  • More than 20 of those are FREE!
  • Almost 30 paperbacks are on sale
  • There are 9 bundles, through which you can get a collection of stories at mind-bogglingly low prices
  • PFW and individual authors are also offering discounts on merchandise
  • Basically, it’s the best thing that’s happened this year.
  • There might also be a never-before-seen surprise, if the world of technology will cooperate.

My Books For Sale




Book Recommendations

My books are, in my slightly-biased opinion, obviously incredible. But that doesn’t mean you should spend all your money on me. Here are some other PFW books you might enjoy as a starting place to fall in love with your next favorite author.

  • Terebinth Tree Chronicles: 3 beautiful fantasy short stories set in Native American and African-inspired cultures.
  • Mythtaken: A comical fairy-tale retelling of a classic myth (hint: one of the myths that inspired Kamynosa’s Labyrinth)
  • Two Lives, Three Choices: Christian fantasy about a regular girl in a world where everyone ELSE has powers.
  • Echo: First Pulse: 3 scifi stories all bundled in one beautiful cover.
  • The Traveler: Scifi-meets-fantasy as the main character travels to another world in her dreams.
  • Where the Woods Grow Wild: Beautiful romp through a perilous fantasy world.
  • Malfunction: Dark, gritty cyberpunk with fast-paced action and characters you’ll fall in love with.
  • The Hidden Queen: Flintlock fantasy with incredible world-building and a protagonist forced to make hard choices.
  • Beast in the Machine: Heartwarming scifi retelling of Beauty and the Beast, with an Isabelle you’ll love even more than Disney’s Belle.
  • Voyage of the Pequod: Breathtaking scifi reimagining of Moby Dick, with classic language and a new scene to highlight the deeply human characters.
  • The Beast of Talesend: The most entertaining book you’ve read yet–Beauty and the Beast in a 1920’s-esque era with a grumpy detective main character.
  • Out of Darkness: The first in a scifi/dystopian series that wrestles with deeply relevant and hard questions. You’ll find friendship and heroes in these characters.
  • Horseman: A part-time centaur con artist, a magic-potion-shooting Marshall, an adorable gorgon, and a guitar-playing dragon walk into an abandoned town.

On Friday, head on over to Phoenix Fiction Writers to join in this incredible sale.

Let me know which books you end up getting in the comments!

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