Story Reveal: 2021 PFW Anthology

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—Christmas in May! Or, well, something nearly as good: Phoenix Fiction Writers Anthology season.

The Phoenix Fiction Writers are a a collective of several fantasy and short story authors who share a common vision for telling stories imbued with hope. Every year, we release an anthology of mind-bending, heart-touching short stories centered on a common theme.

Past Anthologies

Antiheroes, 2018

Strange Waters, 2019

Of Myth and Monster, 2020

2021’s Anthology

This year’s anthology stories all center on the concept of a ticking clock. To make things extra special, we also have a couple guest authors joining us in this edition! Check out Katelyn Buxton and Olivia Cornwell to get familiar with their writing before the anthology comes out.

Also, isn’t that cover by Nate Philbrick absolutely gorgeous? Every year he surpasses himself!

My Anthology Story

Today it is with great joy that I announce I’m branching into a new genre: science fiction! My anthology story, “Adamant,” will be a sci-fi retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion.

Fred Wentworth joined the Human Sky Fleet looking for distraction and a way to make his mark on the galaxy. Fighting the Bona Partisans on the front lines, Fred’s passion, confidence, and tactical mind quickly raised him to the rank of HSF Captain.

Now the Intergalactic Commonwealth is at peace. Fred finds a new purpose in restoring a broken spaceship which will enable him to fly relief aid to the areas most devastated by the war. In the meantime, the Captain finds himself grounded on the planet of Kel.

Out of all the planets in all the universe’s galaxies, peacetime had to throw Fred onto the same one as the girl who broke his heart before the war. It’s fine, really. Their time has passed; he’s over her.


Persuasion is one of my favorite novels. The idea of science fiction retellings of classics, set all in the same universe, has been brewing in my mind for a while. I never expected to start writing it this soon, but I’m very excited that the perfect opportunity arose!

My fellow classics lovers will spot references to a couple other beloved tales scattered through the pages of this story. I had a blast weaving in bread crumbs for future stories.

If you’re not familiar with Persuasion, you will still be able to enjoy “Adamant.” My heart behind this story was a tale of gentle hope that shows life continuing, and even thriving, in the midst of a chaotic universe. I hope it can be an encouragement to you all in this season.

Timely will be released this June! Stay tuned for more updates. And someday I will have more news about future Space Classics—just hopefully after I find a more creative name for the series, haha.

How excited are you for this year’s anthology?? Which story are you looking forward to the most? Check out the other previews that authors have shared and let me know!

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