All my cravingsare hollow echoesof my need for You Lord God,my Savior,my Life.

Defenestration: My New Favorite Word

A fascinating vocab and history lesson about the word "defenestration"--the act of throwing somebody out of a window.

Contemplations of the End

In my heart of hearts, I want to live each moment so that, whenever my end comes, I can face this final defeat as my greatest victory, the triumph of crossing the finish line of a race run well, to reach Your arms, see Your face, and hear You say, "Well done."

Fig Leaf

Wrestling in the dark with unbelief, Hiding from your eyes my sins so base. I was born clutching a fig leaf, A broken image alive in disgrace. In a world of sinners I am the chief. Your halls of light I would only efface With my unclean presence, however brief. You call to me, and … Continue reading Fig Leaf

What is Faith?

Is faith a lofty pragmatism a one-time-buy insurance policy a spoiled child an "I asked once don't make me ask again" Or is faith an ocean tide an interminably persistent sibling a ceaseless alarm an "I know you hear and you better believe I'm not going away?"   Yesterday I spent six hours talking about prayer … Continue reading What is Faith?


I want to write You a poem, a rhyme about Your Name, but I can't seem to find even one line that compares to Your glory and grace. "In love" is too weak a phrase--all of me is branded by the brilliance of Your face. I am forever Yours-- even that a mere blink next to the endlessness of Your timelessness.


“Remember what the Lord your God has done for you—” How He spoke from heaven, how He thought and it became. You formed from dust and He took you in His hands and He breathed His life in us. “Remember what the Lord your God has done for you—” How He led the captives forth … Continue reading Remember

2014 Reflections (And Dressember Update)

Ah, the end of another year approaches.  A time for reflection, a time for looking ahead.  It is high time that I share some reflections with you. If I had to give the past year a name, then 2014 would be the "Year of Silence."  In about December of last year, it seemed like God … Continue reading 2014 Reflections (And Dressember Update)

Post-College Life and Free Fall

My question of the day is: Who is it that spreads this rumor that when you grow up, you'll know what you're supposed to be doing with your life? I'm starting to think whoever they are, they're really, really wrong. When you're young, everyone says, "Graduate high school, go to college, get your degree, and … Continue reading Post-College Life and Free Fall

The Story of a Bride

The light shone out of emptiness, The void turned into space; From dirt and sea sprung life And the stars up in heaven sang. The Father loves His Son And wanted to give Him a Bride. The youth of love was marred too soon. Paradise was shattered. There's a garden with an angel Standing guard … Continue reading The Story of a Bride