2014 Reflections (And Dressember Update)

Ah, the end of another year approaches.  A time for reflection, a time for looking ahead.  It is high time that I share some reflections with you. If I had to give the past year a name, then 2014 would be the "Year of Silence."  In about December of last year, it seemed like God … Continue reading 2014 Reflections (And Dressember Update)


The Story of a Bride

The light shone out of emptiness, The void turned into space; From dirt and sea sprung life And the stars up in heaven sang. The Father loves His Son And wanted to give Him a Bride. The youth of love was marred too soon. Paradise was shattered. There's a garden with an angel Standing guard … Continue reading The Story of a Bride

Loneliness and Longing for God

Yesterday was Valentine's Day.  It seems people either love the day, if they have someone to spend it with, or hate it, if they have no one to spend it with.  My whole life, I've been in the latter category, often deigning to just ignore the holiday and treat it like any other day.  Still, … Continue reading Loneliness and Longing for God

The Writing in the Sky

It never ceases to amaze me the ways in which God speaks to us.  He knows exactly how we will listen, exactly what we need to hear, and He loves us enough that He says it in precisely the right way at precisely the right time. Sometimes, He whispers in our ears.  Sometimes He draws … Continue reading The Writing in the Sky

No More the Veil

Beyond the veil, the Maker waits, Adorned in shining yellow light. An inner sanctuary bright, Sweet balm that every longing sates.   Before the veil, I stand and gaze And long to venture toward His side, To never feel the need to hide-- But I'm a wretch of sinful ways.   Then to my right … Continue reading No More the Veil

“The Call of My King”

"Follow Me," I hear Him say, "and choose the troubled life. You'll have no place to call your home, no people, and no wealth; Wherever you go, I promise you, your acquaintance will be rife With those who hate, despise you, and even plot your death. You'll have no pride, no self-esteem, for truly will … Continue reading “The Call of My King”

Hope For Every Fallen Man

There is a reoccurring pattern in my life. Over and over, I discover myself in a deep hole of some habitual sin or another. I become convicted of disrespecting my parents, treating my sister terribly, worrying, procrastinating (aka not honoring God in my work), holding anger against specific people, etc. Each time I am convicted … Continue reading Hope For Every Fallen Man