All my cravingsare hollow echoesof my need for You Lord God,my Savior,my Life.

Perfect Love

Perfect Love by Beth Wangler So this is what they mean By perfect love that casts out fear: Your face I’ve never seen, But still I know that You are near. Your presence makes me bold To take the risks I’d never dare If I were young or old. Your favor frees me from all … Continue reading Perfect Love


I want to write You a poem, a rhyme about Your Name, but I can't seem to find even one line that compares to Your glory and grace. "In love" is too weak a phrase--all of me is branded by the brilliance of Your face. I am forever Yours-- even that a mere blink next to the endlessness of Your timelessness.


“Remember what the Lord your God has done for you—” How He spoke from heaven, how He thought and it became. You formed from dust and He took you in His hands and He breathed His life in us. “Remember what the Lord your God has done for you—” How He led the captives forth … Continue reading Remember

You Are Everything

I need some creativity in my life, it's just how my soul thrives.  Since I've had very little time to create art in other ways recently, the result seems to be that I'm writing more poetry rather than prose.  With that probably unnecessary preface, here's a poem I wrote today: ___________________________________ You Are Everything In … Continue reading You Are Everything

Identity: Image-bearers of God–An Introduction

For quite a while now, identity has been near the forefront of my mind.  As I've been learning more about who I am in God and who He says we are, the desire to put it in writing and share with others has grown.  Consequently, I finally began to write what is tentatively called: "Identity: … Continue reading Identity: Image-bearers of God–An Introduction

Loneliness and Longing for God

Yesterday was Valentine's Day.  It seems people either love the day, if they have someone to spend it with, or hate it, if they have no one to spend it with.  My whole life, I've been in the latter category, often deigning to just ignore the holiday and treat it like any other day.  Still, … Continue reading Loneliness and Longing for God

Realigning Desires (And an Update on Dressember)

Welcome to the "What God is Doing in my Life" segment of this blog. For about the past month, I have been feeling slightly distracted.  It was not like something big happened; rather, something inside my spirit was distracted, not at peace, not focused as it should be on God.  I was aware of it, … Continue reading Realigning Desires (And an Update on Dressember)

Guarding Your Heart

"Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life" (Proverbs 4:23). When I first came across this passage, I was a freshman in college, having recently undergone the worst heartbreak of my life to date.  I read it, and wished I had come across it years earlier, so that I could … Continue reading Guarding Your Heart

The Writing in the Sky

It never ceases to amaze me the ways in which God speaks to us.  He knows exactly how we will listen, exactly what we need to hear, and He loves us enough that He says it in precisely the right way at precisely the right time. Sometimes, He whispers in our ears.  Sometimes He draws … Continue reading The Writing in the Sky