Shelter Me

As a kid, did anyone else feel safer by simply hiding under the covers when there were scary sounds at night?  Does anyone else feel safe, at peace, when the sky is covered with clouds, too exposed and vulnerable when there's not a cloud in the sky?  That's how I often felt and feel.  Maybe … Continue reading Shelter Me



Sometimes, you don't realize something is missing until it comes back.  The neighborhood mockingbird who does a stellar impersonation of car alarms all. night. long.  is just such a thing.  He went away for winter, and apparently returned two days ago.  So I wrote a poem in his (annoying) honor. In days of old, they … Continue reading Mockingbirds

I Wonder

I wonder how it came to be That magma cooled for thousands of years, Pushing forward toward the sky, Rolling, rolling down a stream, Till, cool and polished, This mottled stone came to me.   I wonder how it came to be That someone dropped a tiny seed, Which the wind wrapped in a blanket … Continue reading I Wonder


I promised you a lot of poems, and so I must deliver 🙂  Here's a new one!  Several years back, there were really bad brush fires where I lived.  For no apparent reason, I thought of them and had to write this poem. I am a sentinel at the second-floor window watching the amber tongues … Continue reading Wildfire

Be Not Far: A Poem

I don't know what's gotten into me; I'm normally not this poetically inspired, but here's another poem for you all.  (And by the way, all writing on this blog, unless otherwise noted/cited, is mine.  My English teachers gave me a healthy fear of plagiarism, so I avoid it at all costs.) _________________________________________________________________ With salty trace, … Continue reading Be Not Far: A Poem

Thunder and Silence

The Lord sits enthroned in heaven; from His throne, His voice thunders. At His command, the earth trembles; at His word, the mountains shake. The waves crash and the wind shrieks. The rocks cry out at midday, and all creation declares the glory of the Lord. But as for me, I will be still. I … Continue reading Thunder and Silence