Victory Came Through Defeat: Palm Sunday Sonnet

If you've been around a year or more, you probably know that Palm Sunday is one of my favorite holidays.  I've written this post in previous years, and this one, too. I couldn't pass up another opportunity to share my love of this day with you all, even though this post comes a day late, so I … Continue reading Victory Came Through Defeat: Palm Sunday Sonnet

House of Sorrow on a Hill

Here is my second ever sonnet!!  The first, which you can find here, is about Roman soldiers, a fascinating topic. House of Sorrow on a Hill by Beth Wangler   Behold the house of sorrow on a hill That boasted naught but crumbling façade And mites of dust unmoved by air so still; Whose pavèd … Continue reading House of Sorrow on a Hill

Sonnet of a Roman Republican

I'm a history major--I think I've mentioned that before.  As I approach the end of my schooling, all the history stuff I've learned over the past years is finally bubbling to the surface and becoming an integral part of my thinking.  It's so exciting!! So, here's a history lesson and a poem 🙂 In class … Continue reading Sonnet of a Roman Republican