How is a Dream Fulfilled?: A Poem, Writing News, and Dressember Update

(If you're just here for a new poem, skip to the bottom--but be warned, you're missing out on exciting things 😉 ) This past week has been an exciting one for me!  Wednesday was the last day of November, which also means it was the last day of NanoWrimo.  I've mentioned my abridged NanoWrimo goal … Continue reading How is a Dream Fulfilled?: A Poem, Writing News, and Dressember Update

Hold On, Girl

Here is a brief break from The Kangraffs' Curse for a new poem.  Don't worry; there will be a new chapter tomorrow 🙂 ________________________________ Wide-eyed girl In a big, new world Steps into the office realm And her aspirations crumble. Stick it out, hold on, You've got a good deal here. Stay strong, plod on, At … Continue reading Hold On, Girl

Death of an Artist

Earn somethin' to live on While the livin' leaves you numb. Trade a novel for a proof-reader's pen, An easel for a keyboard. Wake. Go work. Come home. Sleep. Repeat. Will you Create and starve your stomach, Or eat and starve your soul? We're the casualties of the system no one sees. There's no stepping … Continue reading Death of an Artist

At Least It Isn’t School

A poem, as I've been at my new job for a couple weeks: I’m a working girl now— Let me tell you how I’m getting by Working nine-to-five: Thank God I’m not in school. I got to do arts and crafts today, Stickers on folders for bills that are paid, Endorsing checks with a fun … Continue reading At Least It Isn’t School

The Immortal Painter

Sometimes I work for my dad during the summer, when he needs help painting houses.  This past week was one of those times, and it inspired this poem: ______________________________________________________ What stories left these walls marked up? What souls were here before? Time marches on, and I its instrument Cover the relics of history, Trap the … Continue reading The Immortal Painter

Department-Store Dance

I am currently working on the next chapter of Lady Elizabeth.  Who knew writing a period story would be so challenging?  But, as I find myself increasingly concerned with historical accuracy, increasingly much time must be spent on researching the minutest little details (it's really quite fun), and each sentence's wording and structure requires careful thought. … Continue reading Department-Store Dance