Graphite on Sawdust

Just put pencil to paper-- how hard can it be? 0.7 mm #2 graphite against compressed sawdust bleached eggshell, crossed in cerulean and salmon. How hard can it be? Just a tiny bit of force aided by friction. Just tendons and ligaments, muscles and bones. Is that all it takes to make art? Words are … Continue reading Graphite on Sawdust

Yellow and Writing

Today I wrote two poems (a limerick and a haiku) for a class in which I'm assisting/observing.  Here they are 🙂 Yellow (limerick) A wondrous color is yellow! It is both exciting and mellow. By day or by night It's sure to delight (Except when you find it in jello). Writing (haiku) Just black ink on … Continue reading Yellow and Writing

Though None Go With Me

Every so often, in going through piles of papers or forgotten computer files, I discover something that I had completely forgotten I wrote.  Sometimes this can be a rather disturbing experience--especially when I recognize my handwriting but haven't the slightest memory of writing the story.  Other times, it's just slightly unsettling and a nice surprise. … Continue reading Though None Go With Me

I Know

As someone who writes, and whose writings are read by other people, sometimes I face a dilemma.  One of the most cliche pieces of advice given to writers is "Write what you know."  From my experience so far, I think this is good advice; when you write what you know, it seems to give your … Continue reading I Know

The Best Summer and The Imaginary Adventures of the Twelfth Doctor

Though I've been silent from the blogging world this summer, I have by no means been lazy.  In fact, this has probably been the best summer of my life.  I've grown tremendously in my relationship with God and my understanding of our relationship as Father and daughter, I've gained heart-knowledge of my identity in Christ, … Continue reading The Best Summer and The Imaginary Adventures of the Twelfth Doctor

An Update

Hello, lovely readers!  I have been rather quiet recently, for which I apologize.  The reason for this is that my summer became uncharacteristically but wonderfully full.  So here is a brief update on some of the things that have been going on: 1) I became involved in the youth group at my new church and … Continue reading An Update


The first thing I did this morning was go to the gym. That’s a lie.  The rest of the world thinks I was at the gym.  The first thing I really did this morning was assume a false identity and jump on a train out of Pleasanton.  The truth is, no one knows where I … Continue reading Fugitive

In Need of Advice

Dear readers,   I find myself in a new situation--not that that occurs so infrequently; new situations happen all the time. The difference is that in this situation, you can help me!  I am considering submitting a story to my school's Creative Arts Journal.  As I have never submitted a story to a school journal--or … Continue reading In Need of Advice

The Nature of Being an Author

As long as I can remember, it has been one of my biggest dreams to become a published author, to write my stories and have people read them and love them. It may be surprising, then, that one teensy little aspect of being a published author escaped my awareness until recently: Real people will read … Continue reading The Nature of Being an Author