I’m Thankful For…

by Beth Wangler

The breath in my lungs,
The beat of my heart,
The warmth of the sun
When a new day starts,

The cool breeze that blows,
Sweet mint tea,
The sunset that glows
O’er a picnic by the sea,

The look of wonder
When a struggle is won,
Peals of thunder,
A job well done,

Soft yarn twining
Into neat crochet stitches,
Waking up and finding
Someone’s cleaned all the dishes,

The feeling that you get
When you’re in a child’s drawing,
Icing that finally sets,
Frozen fingers thawing,

Stories where I can’t guess the ending,
Fuzzy warm blankets,
Smooth color blending,
Badminton rackets,

A fresh-opened book,
A quirky new mug,
A nice writing nook,
And a hearty bear hug,

But of all these great joys,
The greatest must be
That, when given a choice,
You still chose me.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone :)

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