Mom: A Poem

Look at your hands
skilled to sew, cook, build, weed, clean
strong to do what needs to be done, to fix the broken
gentle enough for a baby to hold.
Look at your eyes
which wrinkle in sheer delight
which burn with fury at injustice
which glisten with proof of your gentle heart
which widen with joy at your grandson
Look at your waist
that bends to tie an old man's shoes
that stretches to reach the top shelf
that supported two children and now grandchildren
Look at your lips
glowing without lipstick
pressing together in sternness
smiling at a mere glimpse of your babies
speaking unimaginable forgiveness and wisdom
Look at your legs
bouncing a baby on your knee
holding your child's face as she cries
carrying you through miles of love, joy, loss, and laughter
Look at your arms
mighty to carry all the grocery bags
forceful to make the pieces fit right
safe to hold your dear ones close
You are beautiful
in all your parts
and in your wholeness,
every feature you call flawed
a testament of your love.

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