Repost: House of Sorrow

Hey friends! I think I mentioned before that I'm trying an abridged form of Nano Wrimo this month. Word counts don't motivate me, and I know better than to burn myself out by making myself too tired to be creative at all. Combine that with the fact that, somehow, I've been steadily writing 6 days … Continue reading Repost: House of Sorrow


I'm Thankful For... by Beth Wangler The breath in my lungs, The beat of my heart, The warmth of the sun When a new day starts, The cool breeze that blows, Sweet mint tea, The sunset that glows O'er a picnic by the sea, The look of wonder When a struggle is won, Peals of … Continue reading Thankfulness


There was no fearsome, violent brawl Or raging storm between us. There was no icy winter road Or long, silent estrangement. No, it was a mellow autumn evening When you tossed the last stone, The accusation of some small fault, That shattered my resilience And, instead of rising one more time Inside the shelter of … Continue reading Good-bye

I’m Sorry

I'm Sorry by Beth Wangler   Please don't reply, "It's not your fault." The phrase may be other than An admission of guilt. Instead it could be An expression of Heartfelt sympathy And the genuine wish For your well-being.

The Lay of Brielle and Tavish: Part 1

Greetings, friends!  You've read me mention the fantasy series that I am writing.  It explores the history of the world of Orrock through novels highlighting the lives of young people at turning points in history.  Mostly, it focuses on the nation of Maraiah.  The other nations have interesting histories, too, though. One of those nations … Continue reading The Lay of Brielle and Tavish: Part 1

Subbing and Sneak Peek

As you may know, I got my teaching credential last year in secondary school History.  This year's adventure finds me as a substitute teacher.  Actually, today was only my second day of subbing. And they made me sub for a preschool class. On my second day. When I have no idea how to teach in … Continue reading Subbing and Sneak Peek


Adventure by Beth Wangler | Come on an adventure with me! We'll catch the last note of taps and ride it out of town...

Adventure by Beth Wangler | Come on an adventure with me! We'll catch the last note of taps and ride it out of town...


A poem about the incredible life of Theodora, wife of Emperor Justinian.

Broke(n) Cycle

Sometimes in life, I find myself in a cycle that seems impossible to break.  I'm sure I'm not alone in this, but it can still feel frustrating.  Today's post is a poem I wrote about one such perplexing cycle. As a side note, today was an excellent day, and thanks to some good friends/acquaintances and … Continue reading Broke(n) Cycle

Helen’s Scale

Helen's Scale: A poem about what matters most in life, inspired by a picture.