Child of the Kaites Cover Reveal!

I started writing my fantasy series, now called The Firstborn’s Legacy, around 2008/2009.  When I first started, I expected it to be a standalone book.  By the end of the first draft, I realized it would be a whole lot longer than that, with the first draft falling somewhere in the middle of the series.

Over the years, ideas have crystallized more.  I currently plan for The Firstborn’s Legacy to be nine novels, at least two short story compilations, and a couple epic poems long (yeah, I may need to have my sanity examined).

But now, at long last, it’s time to share the first book with you!  I started writing Child of the Kaites somewhere in early 2012.  I recently dug up my very first draft–wow, how it’s changed over the years!  Here’s a picture of the original first page, which is nothing like the current first page:


As part of my journey through Child of the Kaites, last year I posted an old revision of the story on this website, uploading a chapter a week.  I’m so thankful for those of you who journeyed with me through that time.

Now, Child of the Kaites is fully revised, edited, and ready to share!  Okay, well, almost ready to share.  You would not believe how many little moving pieces go into publishing a book.

But I CAN share some things with you right now.  One of those is the book’s blurb:

Her parents named her “Cursed,” for that’s what her people are: trapped in brutal slavery, toiling under the Izyphorn sun, forced to watch their infants die.  The kaites gave her a new name: Raiballeon, “Leader of a Revolt.” At ten, Rai thought that meant she would lead Maraiah to freedom.

Eighteen-year-old Rai knows differently.  As an exile hiding her heritage, Rai has resigned herself to a quiet life recording the Histories.  After all, going up against Izyphor alone would mean certain death.

Reuniting with a childhood love and meeting an enigmatic stranger forces Rai to reexamine her calling.  Can she rise up against her own fears, the most powerful nation in the world, and the evil spirits bent on annihilating any opposition?  Is she destined to be a great warrior or an historian–or are those the same thing?

Another of those things is the cover.  With the advice and feedback of many friends, I designed the cover myself.  It took a couple months, but I am incredibly proud of how it’s turned out:

CotK Digital Cover 5000x8000
Edit: This is now NOT the actual cover, because I’m a perfectionist and can’t control myself. See below for the ACTUAL final cover that I won’t let myself change at all.

Isn’t it beautiful?!! Every time I see it, I can’t believe that this is finally happening.  I’m so excited to share this book with you all!

And the third thing I have to share with you is three different sneak peeks into the book.  Three of my incredible Phoenix Fiction Writer author friends have graciously agreed to host the Child of the Kaites cover reveal on their blogs.  Their posts will be up sometime throughout the day.  Each one of them has an excerpt from one of the first three chapters, along with information on how to read those three chapters right now!

Check in with them throughout the day through these links:

E.B. Dawson

J.E. Purrazzi

Kyle Robert Shultz

While you’re at it, spend some time looking at the content they have available, too.  These are some of my favorite indie authors, and if you like my stories, chances are very, very good that you’ll also like their stories.

Other News:

  • “The Lake of Living Water,” a short story prequel to Child of the Kaites, is now $0.99.  You can download and read it via this link.
  • There will be a giveaway of a free, signed copy of Child of the Kaites, complete with a bookmark designed by yours truly.  The giveaway starts on July 23rd, a week before the novel’s release.  Stay tuned for more info on that, including how to enter the giveaway.
  • Child of the Kaites‘s publication date is July 28th!!! (Provided Amazon process things at a reasonable speed.)
  • More fun things are coming in the week leading up to publication, including interviews and videos.  Again, stay tuned for more details.
  • I AM SO EXCITED TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU!!! (Okay, this one isn’t really news, as I’ve said it several times, but really.  I can hardly wait!!!)

What do you think of the cover?  Did you check out Dawson, Purrazzi, and Shultz’s posts?  Share your thoughts in the comments :)

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