CotK Interviews, Giveaways, and More!

As you can see from the bar to your right, Child of the Kaites will be published in five–I repeat, FIVE–days!! Starting Saturday (two days ago) and continuing on past release day, I have a lot of fun treats for you.

All of these treats have been made possible by the indie author community.  I don’t have words to express how thankful I am for these creative, encouraging people that I’ve met in the last year and a half.  They are wonderful, fantastic, spectacular–you pick a great adjective, and it applies to them.

I’m just going to list the treats in chronological order, so here we go:

1. “The Lake of Living Water” gets a new cover

When I first wrote “The Lake of Living Water,” a short story prequel to Child of the Kaites, I hadn’t finished creating CotK‘s cover.  Now that I have, I want all the stories in this series to look like they belong together.  As a result, I’ve given “TLoLW” a new cover:

Isn’t it pretty?! You can download it for just 99¢ from all the online book retailers, via this link.

2. Child of the Kaites Giveaway

To celebrate Child of the Kaites‘s release and thank all of you, my lovely readers, I’m running a giveaway of a signed paperback (exclusively for US entrants–international entrants may receive a free ebook) and a bookmark (offer valid for all entrants).

Enter the giveaway here.

3. Interview with J.E. Purrazzi

J.E. Purrazzi is a cyberpunk and horror author whose stories are thoughtful, thought-provoking, and powerful.  She’s one of my favorite authors, and she’s a great friend. I love her novel Malfunction, about a trio in a dystopian Earth after aliens have destroyed the Earth’s surface.  She also has a fantastic ghost story series that was so beautifully written that it was too frightening for me to finish–but if you like Supernatural, you’ll love Purrazzi’s The Raventree Society series!

On Saturday, Purrazzi interviewed me over video.  Due to technical difficulties, we weren’t able to post it until late Saturday, but you can watch it on my Facebook page.

I’m only a little bit awkward, it’s okay ;)

4. Character Interview with Ashley D Hansen

I met author Ashley D Hansen through this blog, actually.  We were reading each other’s stories when we realized that both stories were Sleeping Beauty retellings.  Ashley’s now one of my best writer friends and my critique partner.  She’s had a huge role in helping shape Child of the Kaites into the best version of itself.

So it’s appropriate that my main character would go rogue to talk with Ashley.  When Ashley and I were talking yesterday, Rai took over, so Ashley interviewed her.  Read that conversation here to learn more about Rai before you join her in CotK.

CotK Character Aesthetics

5. Interview with E.B. Dawson

You know, at this point, it’s just safe to assume that all of the people mentioned in this post are among my favorites.  E.B. Dawson is the first internet person whom I met in real life.  She’s the founder and Editor in Chief of Phoenix Fiction Writers.  She’s the author of the scifi Creation of Jack series and the fantasy Lost Empire series, both of which will immerse you in amazing worlds and carry you along on adventures with incredible characters.

Dawson and I will be filming a video that you can see on Thursday.  I’m not sure yet where it will end up, but check her website as the most likely locations.  I’ll also share a link to it on Facebook and Twitter.

6. Interview with Kyle Robert Shultz

Kyle Robert Shultz is the craziest author I know–I’m pretty sure he has a time machine or is able to stop time or something.  He writes the most amazing stories that are kind of…fractured fairy tales?  I don’t know how to describe them in a way that will do them justice, but there are magic, dragons, monsters, myths, heartwarming characters, and just about anything else you could want in his Beaumont & Beasley, Crocket & Crane, and Blackfire serieses (What’s the plural of series? Serie? Seri?) Read them.  You will love them.

Shultz’s interview will appear on his blog on Friday.

7. Live on Youtube with Hannah Heath

Hannah Heath is a fantasy author, blogger, and Youtuber.  Her blog is a wealth of resources for writers.  Her Youtube is consistent and always has great content.  She’s also incredibly sweet and, miraculously, pretty geographically close to me.  Hannah and I are having a party Saturday–aka release day!!


Come join us!  We start at 10 am PDT on July 28th :)

There you have it! Five days and counting, friends! Let me know what questions you have in the comments, enter the giveaway, and enjoy all these treats! :)

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