PFW 2020 Anthology Story Reveal

Not even a week ago, Steward Stories was released into the world! Thank you to everyone who celebrated with me. You are a tremendous blessing.

You may have been worried that you’d have to wait a long time for another story from me. Don’t fear! Phoenix Fiction Writers’ annual anthology is drawing near, and I have something special in it.


Hestia has always struggled with fear.

She became a H.E.R.O.—magical pest control—simply because she couldn’t face the horror of resigning when her internship ended.

For the most part, H.E.R.O. work isn’t too bad.  She settles minor squabbles between pygmy dragons and relocates hippocampi from swimming pools.

Then the unthinkable happens: a Monstrosity begins terrorizing the city.

Hestia has to find the courage to face the greatest terror she’s ever known.  Otherwise, the city will be lost.

More About H.E.R.O.

“H.E.R.O.” surprised me.  I generally have a solid idea of the stories I want to tell, often years (years) in advance of writing them.  For a while, I had a concept of a scared girl having to fight fear-inducing monsters floating around in my head.  I had no idea how it fit into any of my plans.

Then along came this urban fantasy world with hints of cyberpunk, where mythical creatures are commonplace, with trains and noodle shops like Tokyo and districts named after ancient Greek cities.  Suddenly the story appeared.  With it came a sweetness I wasn’t expecting, including an adorable little moody phoenix named Poof.

As someone who has struggled with fear my whole life, this story is dear to me.  I got to explore that struggle in a different way than I did in Child of the Kaites.  I hope that Hestia’s story helps you as you live through your own fears.

Story Aesthetic Board

New Merch

I have new merch for “H.E.R.O.”

The quote is: “I’ve fought fear every day of my life. I’m not going to give in now.”

Available on Threadless and TeeSpring.

H.E.R.O. and the other stories in the 2020 Phoenix Fiction Writers’ anthology will be released this fall. Let me tell you, I’ve had the privilege to read some of the other stories that will be in this anthology, and it’s going to be positively epic.

To know more about the other stories, check PFW’s website for updates in the coming weeks.

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