Phoenix Fiction Writers Sampler Bundle

This past year, I joined together with a group of incredible authors to form the Phoenix Fiction Writers (PFW).  We are a marketing collective of indie authors of science fiction and fantasy stories with similar themes and goals.

I’m always excited about PFW, because these were (and are) among my favorite indie authors, and now I’m blessed to call these talented, kind, and hard-working authors my friends.

As I try to feature a science fiction or fantasy book or author each month, you’ll probably see a lot more about specific PFW authors in the future.  I’ve already written about E.B. Dawson, whose novel Under the Skin recently came out (side note: I’m currently reading this, and it’s wrecking me in the best way.  I’ve fallen in love with the characters in her two previous books in this series, Out of Darkness and Into the Void.  Now I love them even more, and the scale of her stories keeps growing in the perfect way).

Well, we PFWs have put together a special deal for you lovely folks, because you’re amazing and we’re so thankful for your support.  For a limited time (two weeks, starting this past Saturday), you can purchase 11 of our stories for just $5.99 total.  That’s right: 7 full-length novels, 2 novellas, and 2 short stories for just $5.99!  Have you ever heard of such a thing?


I’ve read every single one of these stories (well, I’m only MOST of the way through Horseman, but I’ll be finishing it very soon and fully expect the rest of it to be as brilliant as the beginning), so I can personally vouch that these stories will find their ways into your list of favorite books.

Don’t miss your chance to get all of these books for yourself!  You can purchase them here.

Happy reading!

Also,  Child of the Kaites is now available to purchase in paperback and ebook on Amazon!  The wait is over.

Look for more details next month on what’s to come, but be assured that many short stories are headed your way as you wait for book 2, The Steward’s Apprentice.

Have you read any of the books in our PFW bundle?  Let me know what you thought of them in the comments, and come back to share your thoughts after you read the others :)

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