Short Story Announcement: The Word Thrower

I have the great honor of being part of Phoenix Fiction Writers, a group of indie authors who write fantasy and science fiction. These are some of my absolute favorite authors who write incredible stories, so I’m incredibly thankful to be part of this group.

For several months now, we have been working hard on a short story anthology, and it’s finally time to release our stories to the world next month. All of the short stories have antiheroes in them, which is super exciting! Who doesn’t love a good antihero…or, rather, a well-written antihero?

You can read more about the anthology on the Phoenix Fiction website, but today I have the joy of sharing the title and blurb with you.


Words have power, and Word Throwers can access more of that power than the average person. At Avery Deleford’s Academy for the Locutionarily Adept, gifted students learn how to use that power responsibly. By combining speech and motion, they can shape the world around them as they like.

They must NEVER throw words at another human.

Dax Trelegan owes everything good in his life lately to the Academy. When he hears of suspicious activity among a nearby group of Word Throwers, Dax is prepared to risk everything to protect the people who have given him so much. He has never imagined himself as the hero type, but he can’t well let people get hurt if he can help.

How It Fits In:

“The Word Throwers” isn’t directly connected to The Firstborn’s Legacy saga…at least, not yet. I do have plans to create a Wangler Expanded Universe, but for now, consider this as its own separate piece.

You can also know that “The Word Throwers” is part of a series by the same name that I have planned and even drafted early versions of. In that series, Dax is a secondary character. The events in this short story will play a significant role, and I loved exploring them from his perspective, but this short story can also stand alone.

I’m so excited to share this story with you!

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