Counsel with Care (And More Dressember, of Course)

Lately I've been reflecting on how our definition of "smart" as it regards choices is a very strange thing.  We have all probably given advice to someone at some point who was doing something we didn't think was the "smart move," in the hopes of deterring them from a bad decision that could wreck their … Continue reading Counsel with Care (And More Dressember, of Course)


Biology Poem (And Dressember Update)

Every so often, something I learn about in class really intrigues me, and I end up writing a poem.   One of them was a sonnet about being a Roman soldier, which I'm still pretty proud of and which you can read here.  Well, recently in Biology we learned about the immune system and it … Continue reading Biology Poem (And Dressember Update)

“Complete”–A New Poem, and an Update on Dressember

In the midst of craziness and an overload of homework as this semester ends, this truth overshadows every stress and pressure: Complete by Beth Wangler I am Yours, You are mine. Closer than beside, closer than a touch. I close my eyes or look to the sky And I find I'm only complete where You … Continue reading “Complete”–A New Poem, and an Update on Dressember

Realigning Desires (And an Update on Dressember)

Welcome to the "What God is Doing in my Life" segment of this blog. For about the past month, I have been feeling slightly distracted.  It was not like something big happened; rather, something inside my spirit was distracted, not at peace, not focused as it should be on God.  I was aware of it, … Continue reading Realigning Desires (And an Update on Dressember)

Dressember 2013

Dressember was born in 2009, when my then-small group leader Blythe first came up with the idea.  Her challenge: To wear a dress every day for the month of December.  Behind Dressember is the idea of embracing femininity.  In our current world, where girls are encouraged to push the limits of traditionally female roles and … Continue reading Dressember 2013