Hands and Souls: The Healing of the Lord

Let me tell you a story about what’s been happening in my life recently. This story begins a long time ago, when I was a little girl.  Really, though, the most important background information you need to know is that I always was incredibly shy.  I suffered from timidity, and, starting in fifth grade, I … Continue reading Hands and Souls: The Healing of the Lord



http://   "Forgiveness can be given when you think it can't, 'cause with every passing second comes a second chance." Thus claims this song by Relient K, one of my favorite bands ever. An interesting thing about songs is how accepting we are of their lyrics as truth.  Someone writes a song and claims that … Continue reading Forgiveness

No More the Veil

Beyond the veil, the Maker waits, Adorned in shining yellow light. An inner sanctuary bright, Sweet balm that every longing sates.   Before the veil, I stand and gaze And long to venture toward His side, To never feel the need to hide-- But I'm a wretch of sinful ways.   Then to my right … Continue reading No More the Veil

I Wonder

I wonder how it came to be That magma cooled for thousands of years, Pushing forward toward the sky, Rolling, rolling down a stream, Till, cool and polished, This mottled stone came to me.   I wonder how it came to be That someone dropped a tiny seed, Which the wind wrapped in a blanket … Continue reading I Wonder

“The Call of My King”

"Follow Me," I hear Him say, "and choose the troubled life. You'll have no place to call your home, no people, and no wealth; Wherever you go, I promise you, your acquaintance will be rife With those who hate, despise you, and even plot your death. You'll have no pride, no self-esteem, for truly will … Continue reading “The Call of My King”

A Thankful Citizen

Despite what the title would lead you to believe, this post will not contain any rejoicing over the outcome of today’s election--nor, hopefully, will it contain any bashing of the president or American citizens.  (Tangent: I have to admit, I love thinking up titles that suggest a meaning opposite of the content which they represent … Continue reading A Thankful Citizen

Hope and Despair: Reflections of a [Hopeful] Future Teacher

Today was one of those days when your teacher lectures your class on the hopelessness of your generation, what a failure you all are.  Only it happened in not one, but both of my classes. It began in my Poli Sci class.  Professor A got angry at the class for being nonacademic.  "This is a university," … Continue reading Hope and Despair: Reflections of a [Hopeful] Future Teacher

Thunder and Silence

The Lord sits enthroned in heaven; from His throne, His voice thunders. At His command, the earth trembles; at His word, the mountains shake. The waves crash and the wind shrieks. The rocks cry out at midday, and all creation declares the glory of the Lord. But as for me, I will be still. I … Continue reading Thunder and Silence

Image-Bearers of God

This post is inspired by a couple of my current classes and a conversation with my wonderful sister. I decided to do a split post for this; the first half you have here today; look for the second half tomorrow. The issue is the way people are treated by other people, and the way human … Continue reading Image-Bearers of God