Dressember 2016 Update #3

I'm a writer.  That usually means that I'm pretty good at putting my thoughts into writing--much better, in fact, at writing what I think than at saying what I think. It also happens that sometimes, when I feel something very deeply, I have a hard time writing it.  These times always are frustrating, given how … Continue reading Dressember 2016 Update #3


Broke(n) Cycle

Sometimes in life, I find myself in a cycle that seems impossible to break.  I'm sure I'm not alone in this, but it can still feel frustrating.  Today's post is a poem I wrote about one such perplexing cycle. As a side note, today was an excellent day, and thanks to some good friends/acquaintances and … Continue reading Broke(n) Cycle

Fig Leaf

Wrestling in the dark with unbelief, Hiding from your eyes my sins so base. I was born clutching a fig leaf, A broken image alive in disgrace. In a world of sinners I am the chief. Your halls of light I would only efface With my unclean presence, however brief. You call to me, and … Continue reading Fig Leaf


http://   "Forgiveness can be given when you think it can't, 'cause with every passing second comes a second chance." Thus claims this song by Relient K, one of my favorite bands ever. An interesting thing about songs is how accepting we are of their lyrics as truth.  Someone writes a song and claims that … Continue reading Forgiveness

A Thankful Citizen

Despite what the title would lead you to believe, this post will not contain any rejoicing over the outcome of today’s election--nor, hopefully, will it contain any bashing of the president or American citizens.  (Tangent: I have to admit, I love thinking up titles that suggest a meaning opposite of the content which they represent … Continue reading A Thankful Citizen

Hope and Despair: Reflections of a [Hopeful] Future Teacher

Today was one of those days when your teacher lectures your class on the hopelessness of your generation, what a failure you all are.  Only it happened in not one, but both of my classes. It began in my Poli Sci class.  Professor A got angry at the class for being nonacademic.  "This is a university," … Continue reading Hope and Despair: Reflections of a [Hopeful] Future Teacher

Hope For Every Fallen Man

There is a reoccurring pattern in my life. Over and over, I discover myself in a deep hole of some habitual sin or another. I become convicted of disrespecting my parents, treating my sister terribly, worrying, procrastinating (aka not honoring God in my work), holding anger against specific people, etc. Each time I am convicted … Continue reading Hope For Every Fallen Man