Child of the Kaites: Chapter 14

Child of the Kaites Chapter 14 | Beth Wangler

Find previous chapters here. The morning dawns with strong light on a ravaged hilltop.  No plants within three arms’ lengths remain in the ground.  Their roots lay atop the dirt, churned so that rocks lie on the surface and stems poke face-down into the soil.   The path of destruction follows the route we took … Continue reading Child of the Kaites: Chapter 14

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Romance of a Flower

Happy Valentine's Day!  I'm very thankful for all of you who read this blog, especially you, Tetiana Aleksina and ashleydhansen 🙂 As a token of my love for all of you, here's a love-related poem I wrote a while back.  I hope it gives you a chuckle! The oddest gift of love today Must be that of a bouquet. … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day!


I'm Thankful For... by Beth Wangler The breath in my lungs, The beat of my heart, The warmth of the sun When a new day starts, The cool breeze that blows, Sweet mint tea, The sunset that glows O'er a picnic by the sea, The look of wonder When a struggle is won, Peals of … Continue reading Thankfulness


Today I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming of poetry and stories for a life update: My best friend's baby was born!!! I can't remember if I mentioned that I was co-planning her baby shower.  It ended up being the most epic baby shower of the century (Probably.  I'm not aware of any studies on the … Continue reading Nephew

Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Seventeen

Sorry for the long wait!  Thanks for being patient with me 🙂 You can find previous chapters here.   For a moment, Garrin was too astonished to move.  That didn’t happen to him often.  Actually, that had never happened to him.  But crawling out of a black cave into a world aglow with color—that was … Continue reading Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Seventeen

Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Sixteen

Find previous chapters here. Two days.  Her birthday was in two days. Little was left of this day.  As Noemi trudged after Garrin, the low sun shone through the trees ahead of them.  She had to squint to make out the space in front of her through the glare. Little was left of today.  Tomorrow, … Continue reading Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Sixteen

Perfect Love

Perfect Love by Beth Wangler So this is what they mean By perfect love that casts out fear: Your face I’ve never seen, But still I know that You are near. Your presence makes me bold To take the risks I’d never dare If I were young or old. Your favor frees me from all … Continue reading Perfect Love

Wondering if Romance is Still Real (The Answer is Yes)

Over the holiday season, I worked at Barnes and Noble.  The quickest path to the break room through the shelves heavy with thousands of books was down the romance aisle. Now, I’ve never considered myself a typical girl.  Sure, I played with dolls growing up, but I also spent hours outside in the dirt.  My … Continue reading Wondering if Romance is Still Real (The Answer is Yes)

Rescue: A Love Poem to Rain

On my drive to work, I get a brief glimpse of the ocean.  Today it featured an armada of dark rain clouds sailing in.  In a sudden thrill of excitement, I wrote a couple of love poems to rain, beloved rain, and here is one of them for your enjoyment. Rescue A drought year, a … Continue reading Rescue: A Love Poem to Rain

My Goals in Life: Or, an Answer to the Question Everyone Asks a College Grad

In a couple of days, I graduate, and a few days after that, I start my first full-time job.  It's an office job, a "real," nine-to-five job.  Everyone keeps asking, "What are your plans for life?  Where do you want to be in five years, ten years?  What are your goals?"  I guess this is … Continue reading My Goals in Life: Or, an Answer to the Question Everyone Asks a College Grad